T-Rump and his family are destroying the Secret Service

WASHINGTON — The Secret Service can no longer afford to pay hundreds of agents it needs to carry out an expanded protective mission – in large part due to the sheer size of President Trump’s family and efforts necessary to secure their multiple residences up and down the East Coast.

Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles, in an interview with USA TODAY, said more than 1,000 agents have already hit the federally mandated caps for salary and overtime allowances that were meant to last the entire year.

The agency has faced a crushing workload since the height of the contentious election season, and it has not relented in the first seven months of the administration. Agents must protect Trump – who has traveled almost every weekend to his properties in Florida, New Jersey and Virginia – and his adult children whose business trips and vacations have taken them across the country and overseas.


Overwork and constant travel also have been driving a recent exodus from the Secret Service ranks, yet without congressional intervention to provide additional funding, Alles will not even be able pay agents for the work they have already done.


Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/08/21/secret-service-cant-pay-agents-because-trumps-frequent-travel-large-family/529075001/

T-Rump has failed every test of a President

We are leaderless. America doesn’t have a president. America has a man in the White House holding the spot, and wreaking havoc as he waits for the day when a real president arrives to replace him.

Donald Trump is many things — most of them despicable — but the leader of a nation he is not. He is not a great man. Hell, he isn’t even a good man.

Donald Trump is a man of flawed character and a moral cavity. He cannot offer moral guidance because he has no moral compass. He is too small to see over his inflated ego.

Trump has personalized the presidency in unprecedented ways — making every battle and every war about his personal feelings. Did the person across the street or around the world say good or bad things about him? Does the media treat him fairly? Is someone in his coterie of corruption outshining him or casting negative light on him?

His interests center on the self; country be damned.

What some have always known about Trump, others are slowly coming to realize, and with great shock and horror. The presidency is revealing the essence of the man and that essence is dark.

T-Rump’s immigration policies leaving food rotting in fields

At this juncture it would be difficult, if not impossible, to list the myriad ways Trump has hurt America and, more importantly, Americans. Whether it was his actions such as devastating executive orders abolishing protections for the environment, or his threats to withhold funding that sent the insurance industry into a panic-driven increase in healthcare insurance premiums, he has proven himself to be a friend of no-one but Nazi fascists, white supremacists, and Donald J. Trump. However, although the media is being swamped with outrages against decency committed by the occupant in the White House on a daily basis, they should show a bit more interest in the plight of the agriculture industry and Americans’ access to its produce.

Back in late April after a farcical “Roundtable on Agriculture” and executive order signing ceremony, Trump did what was expected and lied through his teeth about his high regard for “agriculture and rural prosperity in America.” For those of us who have been keeping score, Trump has singlehandedly wrought more damage on the agriculture industry with a couple of ill-advised moves than any administration in history. And the American people are going to pay the price; many, many farmers have already paid the price.

After praising himself at the “Roundtable on Agriculture” Trump announced:

“They [farmers] had a very good day.  We’re doing well, very well.  Things are turning around.  I know they’re turning around for you folks, so I just want to welcome you very much to the White House.

So this is promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in America.  And, now, there’s a lot of words I won’t bother reading everything.  But agriculture and rural prosperity in America, that’s what we want.  And we don’t want to be taken advantage of by other countries — and that’s stopping, and that’s stopping fast.”

Kind of like “getting tired of winning,” the only thing that Trump is stopping is agriculture and rural prosperity that is indeed turning around; but it is going in the wrong direction for the American agriculture industry and in the ‘winning’ direction for the rest of the world. And, what that wrong direction amounts to for farmers is watching their crops rot in the fields because they are facing an impossible task of finding field laborers with expertise to harvest and process the crops to get them to market in a timely fashion.

In the third or fourth report in a couple of months about how Trump’s immigration and trade policy is singlehandedly hurting an already struggling agriculture sector, farmers are crying, literally crying, that they cannot find the people qualified to harvest their crops. Unlike most other industries, agriculture is an extremely time sensitive industry where harvesting crops at precisely the right time is the key to success. But harvesting in a timely manner is an issue many farmers aren’t even having to face because they cannot find field workers to harvest at any time due to Trump’s immigration policy.

Farmers in California have continued reporting that they are having extreme difficulty in finding, much less hiring, enough experienced people to do the dirty work during harvest season causing crops to rot in the fields. According to a report by NBC News, that difficulty has already “triggered losses of more than $13 million in just two counties;” and the harvest season is just getting underway. What that means for American consumers is that vegetable and fruit prices are going to rise substantially because the migrant farm workers with expertise to harvest quickly and efficiently are nowhere to be found.

All of the blame for the shortage of field workers is being attributed to “the ongoing battle about U.S. immigration policy” since Trump won the election; the troubles started months before he was in the White House. Although migrant farm workers are integral to agriculture nation wide, “the vast majority of California’s farm workers are foreign born, with many coming from Mexico.

As noted in a report from the PEW Research Center, not only are migrant workers not making the trip North to work and help feed Americans, after Trump’s election more Mexicans are fleeing America than are coming here. And it is noteworthy that because of Trump, there is nothing farmers can do to entice immigrant labor to risk working in the fields; even if they are American citizens or are authorized to work in the United States; and who can blame them?

The blame certainly is not on the farmers, unless it is for voting for the imbecile who did tell them his raison d’être in the Oval Office is purging Mexicans from the nation that won him the unwavering support of the white supremacist cult. Now those farmers who admit they supported Trump have to take extraordinary steps to lure migrant workers to the fields with no success.

Those extraordinary steps include trying to make the dirty jobs more appealing and worth the risk of being hunted down, arrested, and roughed up by Trump’s ICE brown shirts. Farmers are offering actual “salaries” well above the minimum wage as opposed to “piece work,” offering paid time off for vacations and illness, and 401(k) retirement plans. Despite those benefits and higher salaries, it is not nearly enough. And the travesty is this issue is plaguing farmers across the nation.

Despite what Trump says, the American agriculture sector is in big trouble due to his racist immigration policy and isolationist trade incompetence. In July, it was reported here that Trump’s threat to pull out of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) prompted Mexico to shift to its “plan B” that entails making trade deals for its agricultural products with other nations.

Just talking about scuttling a trade pact since he took office prompted Mexican farmers to go to their Plan B and has driven “American soybean exports to Mexico to decrease 15 percent, corn has dropped 6 percent; and chicken dropped 11 percent; it is the largest decline of 14 years.”  Trump’s big mouth is making those “rural states” that helped put him in the White House worried sick that their primary industry will take more significant economic hits than have already occurred.

Add to that terrible farm news was Trump’s unilaterally withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP). It was an incompetent error that incited Japan and the European Union to reach a monumental trade deal that leaves America’s agriculture sector with crushing tariffs on its products that were slated for extinction under TPP. Now, the tariffs remain on American products while the EU, Japan, and remaining signatories to the “free trade” agreement will eliminate tariffs for participating nations putting America’s farmers in a horrible position; inability to compete.

Although it appears Trump’s immigration and trade incompetence will only have a deleterious effect on the agriculture sector, and it is already costing them dearly, it is the American consumers who are going to pay a healthy price, literally, for fresh fruit, vegetables, and livestock products.

Every time a farmer has to watch their crops rot in the field, or our former trading partners ship their products to other nations with competent trading policies, the price of food for Americans is going to rise significantly. And it is noteworthy that all of this is down to the incompetency of the Trump administration; not the farmers, not the migrant farm workers, and not America’s trading partners.

Image: TheGuardian

Another T-Rump supporting Nazi goes down

On Sunday, Joy Reid welcomed terrorism expert Malcolm Nance and former Breitbart.com media strategist Kurt Bardella to discuss right-wing conspiracy monger and provocateur Jack Posobiec.

President Donald Trump retweeted Posobiec — one of the progenitors of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy, which alleged that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring from the basement of a D.C. pizza parlor — last Saturday in the aftermath of the death of anti-racism protester Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, VA.

Reid pointed out that Posobiec inserted himself into an MSNBC focus panel in the summer of 2016 and since then has gone on to spread disinformation and lies, as well as to participate in disruptive protests like interrupting a Central Park production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”

“He is a provocateur of the alt-right,” said Nance. “His job is to go around, I mean, he creates conspiracy theories.”

Furthermore, Posobiec may have been involved in the leaking of purloined emails from the candidate of French Pres. Emanuel Macron. Nance said that this will be gravely damaging to Posobiec’s career as a Navy Reserve officer.

In fact, the Navy has yanked Posobiec’s security clearance after discovering his role in political disinformation.

“This does not bode well for his future,” said Nance.

Posobiec was also caught holding up a “Rape Melania” sign at an anti-Trump rally in an effort to discredit liberals.

“This guy keeps popping up like a right-wing Forrest Gump,” said Reid, “and then you find out he is a Navy reservist who used to have a security clearance.”

White House staff — describing T-Rump — say “You can’t imagine how much crazy shit we kill!!”

In interviews with Axios, some aides to President Donald Trump have admitted that they are afraid to quit their White House posts over fears of what he might do without their guidance.

While there have been rumblings that conservatives are reeling more than usual after Trump’s disastrous response to the Charlottesville violence, some White House aides feel a responsibility to stick it out over fears of what Trump might do.

According to Axios, “You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill,” was the most common refrain, with author Mike Allen noting the responses center “on the urgent importance of having smart, sane people around Trump to fight his worst impulses. If they weren’t there, they say, we would have a trade war with China, massive deportations, and a government shutdown to force construction of a Southern wall.”

Speaking of losers . . .

These losers are the members of the Montross (Virginia) Tea Party in May 2011.  Now, in August 2017, they cannot even assemble enough people to hold a meeting.  They meet only on call of their “Board of Directors” — who can’t decide who they are.  These losers also are Trump supporters.

I would post a photo of their neighbors in the 99th District Tea Party from Lancaster County, Virginia . . . but the 99th DTP is out of business . . . folded in mid-2016.

T-Rump lies and will not learn from history

Donald Trump repeated the lie of how General Pershing fought Muslim “terrorists” by dipping 50 bullets in pig’s blood, shooting 49 people, then sending the last bullet along with the sole survivor as a reminder. It’s a horrible tale, one that not only celebrates mass murder, but perpetuates myths about Muslims that are actively harmful to all sides.  Above all, the story is a LIE.  It never happened, except in the twisted, tormented, infantile, reptilian mind of D. H. T-Rump.

Here’s a real story from the “Moro Rebellion.” The Moro were Muslims who lived in the southern part of the Philippines and who consisted of several different groups. To keep them out of the war while the US dealt with the Spanish and the main Philippine forces, the US signed a treaty with the Moro.

Then the United States broke the treaty and took over their area.

When the Moro fought back, American forces killed prisoners, burned towns, and employed regular use of torture—including the first use of waterboarding. Fighting continued. America then built a series of “Re-concentration Camps”—which were exactly what they sound like—to lock up the populace, in an attempt to drain the countryside of potential supporters for the rebels. Fighting continued. America stopped taking prisoners. “I want no prisoners,” said one general. “I want you to kill and burn. The more you kill, and the more you burn, the better it will please me.” Instructions were handed out to kill everyone over the age of ten. Fighting continued.

Finally, General Leonard Wood, who served in the Rough Riders along with Teddy Roosevelt, discovered that many of the Moro were hiding in the bowl of an extinct volcano called Bud Dajo. They had made a home there, along with their wives and children. Rather than attack directly, Wood used block and tackle to raise artillery to the lip of the volcano where he could shoot down on the village. When he opened fire in March of 1906, he killed somewhere between 600 and 900 people, most of them civilians.

And after that … fighting continued. Because that’s what happens when an area is held by an occupying force.   Can anyone say “Afghanistan?”