Emails reveal entire T-Rump family deeply involved in bank fraud

The link listed below takes you to the article, which itself has links to which has the emails.

Some of those are down-loadable, but only if you have an account or you wish to use your Facebook/Twitter/Google id.  These are worth reading, and making your own copy, just in case they disappear, as some of them seem to have done.

It’s beginning to look like Special Counsel Mueller will catch President Trump and his three eldest children committing the first ever reality TV show assisted financial crime, all collaborating in a $350 million dollar bank fraud related to the Trump SoHo Condominium Hotel.

The fraud-riddled Trump SoHo project ultimately failed and was foreclosed upon by lenders in 2014, but its legacy lives on in a byzantine web of lawsuits.

We’ve obtained leaked copies of those emails related to a key lawsuit related to the Trump SoHo – which are embedded below – that outline the Trump family’s complicity in a major financial crime.

They show that Donald Trump and his three eldest children participated in a cover up in order to keep borrowing massive construction loans on the hotel they pitched on NBC’s Apprentice from failing during the financial downturn. The Trump Organization earned $3 million dollars from the fraud just last year alone, even as the hotel’s fortunes have sunk post-election.

Also….anyone surprised by these revelations???

Why didn’t anyone warn us?

Someone really should have told us that T-Rump is unfit for office —  that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, and judgment to serve as commander in chief.

Or that he’d put his own business interests ahead of the country.

Or that he’d continue to engage in childish Twitter wars unbecoming of the office.

Or that he’d respond to a crisis by reacting rashly and making a bigger mess of it.

Or that he was a divider at a time when we actually needed someone who believed that we are all stronger together.

We probably wouldn’t be in this position if someone had just warned the country before last November!!!!

T-Rump is mentally unstable

Donald Trump has no moral nor political nor ideological ingrained state of mind.

Donald Trump is a man who’s only belief and goal in life is to always be at the top of the heap and to maintain what he considers to be a status that all others envy and honor.

Donald Trump regularly every day exhibits the traits of a self centered narcissistic individual. A man with a personality which is so egotistically motivated, that he will go to any depths of depravity or heights of immorality, to feed that maniacal instability of mental reasoning. His need for worshipful adulation by all he comes in contact with is what guides every move and every decision which he makes.

The support of such repulsive hate groups as the White Supremacist, Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads etc. is viewed by Donald Trump as being their adulation of him. Support from these criminals feeds his required egotistical mental well being.   Because they support him, he supports them. It’s not who they are nor what they stand for, its all about what they are able to do for his ego.

Wake up America, we have an extremely unstable and mentally unfit man in the White House.

Pedophile Nazi Trump voter is out of jail, planning to abduct little children

The granddaughter of notorious white supremacist and kidnapper Gordon Winrod sent out an urgent message on Tuesday that Winrod is “setting up shop” in an old school building in Kulm, ND.

WDAY radio host Mike McFeely said that Shannon Maresh posted a warning on Facebook that Winrod — who kidnapped six of his grandchildren from their North Dakota homes 20 years ago — is starting a “cult” in a property purchased for him by family members.

Maresh told radio host McFeely, “I want people in the community and state to know what’s happening. I don’t want what happened to my family to happen to other families. I want to prevent that from happening to anybody else.”

Winrod was convicted of kidnapping his grandchildren in order to indoctrinate them into his extreme racist beliefs. He served 10 years of a 30-year sentence behind bars and was released in May of 2012.

He is currently living with his daughter and son-in-law Laura and Sam Leppert in rural Kulm.

The Ozark County Times said, “Winrod was pastor of Our Savior’s Church and had been linked to the Christian Identity Movement. For years he published ‘The Winrod Letter’ a newsletter that was chock full of anti-Jewish rhetoric. Winrod claimed law enforcement, government and most business leaders were Jews, and he often referred to the court system as the ‘Jewdiciary.’”

Winrod abducted the six grandchildren from their homes in 1994 and 1995. Authorities raided his Ozark County, MO compound in May of 2000 and were able to talk the children — then ages 9 to 16 — into surrendering and emerging from the bunker into which they’d locked themselves.

In her message, Maresh wrote:

“Edgeley and surrounding area friends: I’m not sure if you remember the years of my life where my parents were afraid to leave me alone for fear I would disappear. You may have even been concerned about your own children. This fear even extended to the school. My siblings and cousins disappeared and I quickly became an only child. My family was shattered. The man responsible was Gordon Winrod. He and his followers have one creed: to hate everyone who doesn’t believe as they do and follow Gordon Winrod’s teachings. We, you…us? We are all ‘blood sucking Jews,’ whatever that means. The point is, he and his followers fully believe that if you aren’t one of them it is not wrong to steal, cheat, lie, or kill you. Well, he is back. He was released from jail after being convicted of kidnapping and brainwashing. He is now setting up shop in the old Kulm school. Hide your kids. Hide your wives. And whatever you do, don’t drink the Cool Aid. Seriously though. This man is a predator and his followers are dangerous.”


Trump’s August 15 press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower is a moral disgrace

All the hinges are gone now. The rails are far behind. The trolley is missing and presumed lost. The “president” came down to the lobby of his Manhattan tower, ostensibly to sign an executive order on “infrastructure.” He then took questions and we all went on a magic carpet ride through what he really thinks about the events in Charlottesville last weekend. For three days, whatever sensible people remain at Camp Runamuck have been trying to find some way to run damage control on T-Rump’s initial, ridiculous non-response to those events, whereupon, on Tuesday, T-Rump stepped up to the mic and blew all that work into tiny bits. Quite simply, the only president we have lost his shit so badly on live TV that he’ll never be able to find it again.


He was tense. He was choleric. He looked like he might at any minute wade into the crowd of reporters swinging a five-iron. I kept waiting for geysers of blood and bile to erupt from his ears. This was not a presidential press conference. It was a glorified barroom argument that exposed quite clearly how angry he is that he had to come out and make that second statement in which somebody forced him to say how bad Nazis are. He’d clearly been stewing about that for at least 24 hours.


And that’s what takes Tuesday’s explosion beyond the realm of simple mockery. There’s an audience out there for every lunatic assertion T-Rump made. We saw it in full flower last Saturday. And he knows it’s there, too. He knows that it’s the one segment of the American population still guaranteed to give his fragile-if-monumental ego the constant boost that it needs. So he needed to salve all the fee-fees he wounded the other day when somebody dragged him out so he could say right out loud that being a Nazi is a bad thing. This was an angry, heartfelt appeal to his white nationalist base to stick with him, probably because that base is all he has left.

On Tuesday, shortly before T-Rump went bananas, Maryland’s Republican governor, Larry Hogan, joined the effort to remove from the state house grounds a statue of Roger Taney, the ghoulish Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court who wrote the majority opinion—”A negro has no rights which the white man must respect”—against Dred Scott. As I mentioned once before, not far from the place out of which this shebeen operates, there is a monument to Benjamin Curtis, who served on the Supreme Court while Taney was Chief Justice and whose contrary opinion in Dred Scott is still considered one of the great dissents in the history of the Court. The monument is a plaque on a simple rock. You can miss it if you walk too quickly down the path by the river. But it stays there, as though deposited in antiquity as a rebuke in deathless stone to the sins of the following ages.