What about those suits, Trump? Where are the suits?

Remember this from back in October 2016?  Trump had been accused by 19 women of sexual assault.

Donald Trump vowed to sue the women who accused him of sexual misconduct.

“Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign,” Trump said during remarks in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. “Total fabrication. The events never happened. Never. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”
Got that?  “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”
He added that a “simple phone call” to major news outlets “gets them wall-to-wall coverage with virtually no fact-checking ever.”
 In the two weeks preceding Trump’s threat, at least 10 women came forward accusing Trump of inappropriately touching them. Their allegations came after a 2005 videotape surfaced of Trump bragging about being able to grope women and get away with it.
Trump often threatens to file lawsuits without actually doing so. Earlier in October 2016, he threatened to sue The New York Times when it published assault allegations against him, but nearly two weeks later, he has yet to follow through.
That was October 2016.  Here it is March 2018 — 17 months later and not a single suit against one of these women.
Trump will not sue anyone because he knows he will have to go through discovery — and he doesn’t want anyone to discover that he really did assault these women.  And a lot more.

This is the beginning of the end of Trump. Will he make it until 2020?

It was inevitable from day one. Every reason trump voters gave for voting for Trump were worthless. A Trump presidency could never work or survive. It was in plain site during the campaign. That’s why we call Trump voters stupid. They ignored reality. They ignored facts and truth.

Behind the scenes,  many Republicans in Congress have turned on Trump. They know we have an unprecedented problem and they know what’s coming. They can’t say in public yet. That will change as the election draws near and the investigation intensifies. Things are going to get a lot worse for Trump. The Republicans are going to get their asses kicked in November.

The only Republicans in congress that will stick with Trump are the Tea Party nut bags. They have no choice because they are in gerrymandered districts and if they waiver from Trump worship, they will lose.

It is too late to stop the investigation, any attempt now would be an obvious obstruction of justice. Trump will have to talk to Mueller. Trump will not survive this investigation. In case you have not noticed, top law firms are refusing to represent Trump. That fact alone should tell you something.

In time, the Trump base will begin to fracture.  Some already are denying they voted for Trump. Some will be embarrassed. The extremists will crawl back into their sewers. We are about to witness history. Let’s hope this ends without to much damage to our country and the people.

The apple falls close to the tree: Donald Jr. cheated on pregnant wife

Courtesy of Page Six: 

Years before Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr., their marriage was rocked when — around the time she was pregnant with their third child — he cheated on her with a contestant from “The Celebrity Apprentice.” 

Page Six has exclusively learned that Don Jr. — then a so-called “adviser” on the NBC show — fell for busty Danity Kane star Aubrey O’Day while filming “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2011. 

Sources say that Vanessa — who filed for divorce from President Donald Trump’s eldest son last week after 13 years of marriage — was devastated when he told her that he planned to leave her for O’Day. 

Vanessa was pregnant with their third child, Tristan, around that time. 

Don Jr. “pursued [Aubrey]. It was him who chased her,” said a source familiar with the situation. “He told her that his marriage was already in the process of dissolving.”

Oh yeah, their marriage is always “in the process of dissolving” ladies, that is the answer that every philanderer gives when he is trying to bump uglies with some other woman.

Of course his marriage lasted another seven years and two more kids before his wife finally had enough of his shit.

O’Day may have even written a song about the affair back in 2013.

Courtesy of TMZ:

If Aubrey O’Day had an affair with Donald Trump Jr. — as some reports have claimed — she barely tried to conceal it when she released a song … about an affair, entitled “DJT.” 

The 2013 tune is about as on the nose as you can get … featuring a phone convo between Aubrey and a guy, with her asking him, “You want to believe that everything with me was a lie? A fantasy?” He replies, “I’ll always want you and always wonder about it, but it doesn’t matter because I have to stay here.”

I’m a little confused about what remains of the conservative moral compass.

Does Junior get a few extra points for this affair because at least it WASN’T with a porn star, or is only bedding a singer considered a swing and a miss because she doesn’t actually get paid to have sex?

So confusing.

According to sources the affair broke up after daddy Trump found out about it.

He probably wanted O’Day for himself I’m guessing.


Ignorant, incompetent, unprepared Trump to meet with prrepared, competent, knowledgeable North Korea. What could possibly go wrong??

Donald Trump’s immediate acceptance of a summit invitation from North Korea’s leader threw the foreign policy community and his own staffers for a loop. And by “threw for a loop,” we mean scurrying to plan for a summit that has no plan, no agenda, no venue, and a world leader (ours, not theirs) so famously unable to keep information in his head that his staffers have no idea what he’ll say when he gets there.

In the rush to prepare Trump for his meeting with Kim Jong Un in May, the White House is overseeing a frantic scramble to resolve even the most fundamental questions on the U.S. side: Where will the summit be? Who will be at the table? What should be on the agenda? […]Trump administration officials said it is full-steam ahead, with high-level meetings between U.S., South Korean and Japanese officials taking place in Washington and California on Friday. At the White House, Trump spoke by phone with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who will have his own summit with Kim in Pyongyang in April. Trump reiterated his intention to meet with Kim in May, despite suggestions from some analysts that he delay the meeting and take more time to prepare.

Trump appears to be approaching the “summit” as an episode of the long-running reality show that is his life; he wants to do it because it will be dramatic, he has no particular strategy other than being dramatic, and—of the most concern to regional allies—he has little interest in any of the subjects to be negotiated, seeing them as nothing more than bargaining chips to be used to polish his own businessman credentials. So there is concern, among those allies, over what of theirs Trump might trade away in pursuit of a pleasing headline.

But that is probably not what will happen. What probably will happen is that North Korea  will flatter and praise Trump, will put on a lovely parade for him full of the tanks and missile launchers he has been chafing to see parade down the streets of Washington, a buttered-up Trump will praise his hosts for the pomp, and whatever “agreements” are agreed to, if any are, will last no longer than his flight home.

It will be a coup for the North Korean regime, finally able to show their citizens video evidence that they are now a world power unto themselves, but the notion that the man who regularly, if unintentionally, sabotages his own Republican allies will bring a negotiated peace to the Korean peninsula seems, well, far-fetched.

NY Attorney General investigating Kushner’s forged documents

Fresh off the latest revelations of the Kushner family’s real estate company being, ya know, crooked, the New York City Council and state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are both looking into that crookedness.

According to documents obtained by the tenant watchdog group Housing Rights Initiative, at least 80 false applications were filed for construction permits in 34 buildings during that time. They stated that the buildings had no rent-regulated tenants when, in fact, they included 300 rent-regulated units, AP reported. The result was less city supervision at sites. That left tenants vulnerable to being harassed to get out or left to endure the constant disruption of construction as the Kushners sought to hike rents or sell buildings.

In other words, the Kushners were hamstrung by the presence of rent-controlled tenants on their properties and so simply lied about their presence when filling out city paperwork. Regularly. Like clockwork, apparently. That allowed them to upgrade the properties into higher-rent versions; rent-controlled tenants could not be forced to move, but their lives could be made miserable as the entire building was remodeled around them. It is a strategy common among corrupt slumlords, and just coincidentally, apparently, stumbled into by Jared Kushner. (As a side note, Jared has not divested from his company to work in the White House, because nothing matters anymore, and has been under increasing federal scrutiny for potentially using his administration power to shore up his own business interests.)

City Council member Ritchie Torres announced an investigation into the practice by the Kushner business and other landlords on Monday. He called the Kushner strategy a “weaponization of construction” to force tenants out for higher-paying residents and “deregulate affordable housing units out of existence.”

One of the lessons of the Trump administration seems to be that all rich New York real estate tycoons are, in fact, monsters. We are told that Trump can’t help but lie at every opportunity because that’s what New York real estate holders do; we are told that the man is both boorish and crooked because well golly, New York real estate guy. Jared could have lived a very pleasant under-the-radar life of being quietly crooked, but no. No, he had to be inflicted on the rest of us, and that may turn out to be his downfall. It turns out that New York real estate guys consider themselves above ethics and laws.  They are not.

News you will not hear from Fox


Despite an all-caps warning in his daily briefing on Monday, President Donald Trump ignored his national security advisers and congratulated Russia President Vladimir Putin for winning an election many consider a “sham.”

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Trump not only ignored the “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” warning by his top advisers, the president also “chose not to heed talking points from aides instructing him to condemn Putin about the recent poisoning of a former Russian spy in the United Kingdom with a powerful nerve agent.”

On Tuesday, after a White House spokesperson indicated the day prior that the president would not be calling his Russian counterpart, Trump himself announced to press that he’d called Putin to congratulate him.

Jake Tapper shuts down NRA spokesperson who claims CNN did not cover hero cop who stopped Maryland school shooter

NRA TV, the video propaganda arm of the National Rifle Association, received a brutal fact check by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

It started with a bizarre conspiracy theory by NRA TV personality Dana Loesch, claiming that CNN and MSNBC have not covered the school resource officer who ended a school shooting at Great Mills High School.

“We won’t see any stories on CNN, on MSNBC, on any of those talking head circuits about this hero, this [Great Mills High School] armed resource officer, who did the opposite of what Scot Peterson did…what Broward Sheriff did…what [Broward Superintendent] Robert Runcie did,” Loesch claimed.

Tapper need but one word to respond to such an outlandish claim:  “False.”

Former GOP Senator says he donated to Lamb in PA-18; denounces today’s Republican Party

Gordon Humphrey, a former two-term Republican senator from New Hampshire, said he donated to Democratic candidate Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district special election held last week—the first time in 50 years he’s given money to the opposing party.

In an op-ed for USA Today, Humphrey—a vocal critic of Donald Trump—admitted he “rejoiced” when Lamb defeated Rick Saccone, who ran on the premise he was “Trump before Trump.”

Humphrey suggested it “would be healthy” for Lamb to lead “an anti-Trump wave that could wash away many Republicans in November” as the party “increasingly [kowtows] to a president who is utterly without principle or decency, a demagogue who trades in the basest human emotions, whose chaotic persona and bizarre conduct strongly suggest a dangerously unhealthy mind.”

Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn is close to lawyer who funneled Russian money to NRA

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has ties to a Tennessee lawyer who is said to have introduced a Russian politician to the National Rifle Association, which has been accused of funneling foreign money to help President Donald Trump’s campaign.

The Tennesseanfirst reported on Tuesday that Blackburn is a client of G. Kline Preston, IV, who also has clients in Russia and Ukraine.

“Among Preston’s Russian clients and longtime friends is Alexander Torshin, a prominent Russian politician who has close ties to President Vladimir Putin. Torshin is under scrutiny for illegally channeling Russian funds to the National Rifle Association in an effort to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” the paper notes. “Preston first introduced Torshin to then-president of the NRA David Keene in 2011 and the pair attended the NRA’s annual convention in Nashville in 2015.”  According to federal filings, Preston represented Blackburn in 2005 when she was accused of violating campaign finance laws.  The Tennessean points out that a spokesperson for Blackburn refused to elaborate on the relationship between Preston, Blackburn and her family.
Army vet who turned in his AR-15 now receiving death threats, threats to rape his 14-year-old daughter

veteran of the US Army who became a viral sensation over the weekend by posting pictures of himself trading in his AR-15s into Miami police officers is being deluged with death threats. HE says that “unhinged” pro-gun supporters are also threatening to rape his 14-year-old daughter.

On Saturday, Steve Hemmert of Miami, shared a picture of himself turning over his weapons as part of a local police department buy-back program.

 Writing on the Facebook post, Hemmert stated, “With some hesitation born of nostalgia, I turned in two AR style rifles to the Miami Police Department as part of their gun buy-back program today .. As a former U.S. Army Infantry officer, have always considered myself a responsible gun owner. My 14 year old daughter and I built one of the ARs- from scratch- together.”

“But after the events of last month, I have decided enough is enough,” he continued. “How can we, as parents, force our kids to live in a world where they have to be afraid of being killed at school? My daughter recently told me that her plan is to only wear sneakers to school from now on, in case she needs to run. And I realize that, unlike some of my neighbors, I am lucky to still HAVE a 14 year old daughter.”

Speaking with Newsweek, Hemmert says that, while he received a flood of praise for his decision, that he and his daughter are now on the receiving end of “deeply disturbing” death and rape threats.

“I hope someone breaks into your house and rapes your daughter,” wrote one Facebook user according to screenshots provided to Newsweek by Hemmert. “While she is being raped I hope she looks up and says, daddy where’s the gun we built? Where!!!!”

According to the veteran, he has also received threats from 2nd Amendment supporters who say they are going to shoot his dog and that someone has been harassing his girlfriend by calling her cellphone.

Cambridge Analytica officers caught on camera talking about fake data, using prostitutes to embarass candidates

A new bombshell report from the United Kingdom’s Channel 4 News delves into Cambridge Analytica’s work for President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 — and it contains information about some potentially illegal tactics used to help get him elected.

In new undercover footage filmed by Channel 4 News, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix can be seen boasting that his firm “did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting” for Trump’s campaign.

The executives filmed by Channel 4 News also discuss potential coordination between Trump’s campaign and outside Super PACs, which is supposed to be illegal in the United States.

Specifically, the executives admitted that they took funding from the Make America Number 1 super-PAC and used it to create an anti-Hillary Clinton attack ad, even as they were supposedly doing research, targeting and analytics directly for the Trump campaign.

“Coordination between an official election campaign and any outside groups is illegal under US election law,” Channel 4 News notes. “Cambridge Analytica deny wrongdoing, insisting a strict firewall separated out their activity and that they were transparent about their work on political campaigns and PACs.”

Cambridge Analytica belongs to Steve Bannon and worked 100% for the Trump campaign.