Donald Trump is TRASH. Rich trash but TRASH nevertheless

Trump visits a few high school shooting victims then goes to exclusive party at his resort.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump didn’t spend overlong pondering the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Friday night, according to

The first couple made short stops at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and at the Pompano Beach hospital that received the Parkland massacre’s dead and wounded.

After Trump met with a small group of survivors and their family members at the hospital and delivered remarks to the press at the sheriff’s office, the president and first lady continued on to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private golf resort.

According to CNN’s Kevin Liptak, the Trumps attended a “disco party” in Mar-a-Lago’s ballroom. The party was dedicated to celebrating Studio 54, the notoriously decadent 1970s nightclub.

Only trash would give “thumbs-up” after vising victims of school slaughter.

President Donald Trump never seems to miss an opportunity to take a deeply upsetting national tragedy and somehow make it even worse. From his determination to equivocate after the death of Charlottesville protester Heather Heyer to his latest tone-deaf debacle — the jaunty “thumbs up” gesture the president flashed when posing for a photo with first responders to Wednesday’s massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

The Trumps sped through their hospital visit and the president’s hasty press conference at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office before the motorcade swept off into the night and deposited the chief executive and his spouse at an exclusive invitation-only “disco party” at Mar-a-Lago.

Let this sink in

The number of school shootings that have happened since the year 2000 around the world:

USA: 212

Let that sink in.

Mueller now can prove conspiracy

By indicting 13 Russians for interfering in our election, Mueller now can prove conspiracy and collusion involving Trump, the Trump campaign, and Russia.

  • Russians work to support Trump, undermine Hillary.
  • Meeting in Trump Tower to lift sanctions and spread dirt on Hillary.
  • Trump’s National Security Advisor offers to lift sanctions.
  • After he is inaugurated, Trump (1) refuses to enforce sanctions approved by Congress, and, (2) abolishes the Dept of State office that enforces sanctions.

Case closed.  Cuff ’em, Dano.

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Trump was in Russia when the Russians were setting up their operations in the US

Trump claims the Mueller indictment stated the Russians started their operations against our elections in 2013, therefore, he is vindicated.

Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President. The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!


Long before he announced he was going to run for president, but about the time Russia was clearly recognizing just how useful Donald Trump could be for them. Let’s just revisit the timeline a bit, shall we?

In November, 2013, Trump was in Moscow for his Miss Universe contest, where “US intelligence experts note, he would have been a natural and obvious target for Russian intelligence.” Whether or not the more salacious details of the Steele dossier happened, giving the Russians potential blackmail to use against Trump, he made connections during his few days in Moscow that ended up being involved in his campaign two and a half years later. Like billionaire Aras Agalarov, who through his son Emin (a performer at the pageant) offered that dirt about Hillary Clinton from “Russia’s top prosecutor” to Don Jr.

So maybe Trump did something in 2013 to give Putin leverage over him and maybe he meets some people there who are trying to cultivate him. That makes Trump’s focus on 2014 as the starting point kind of interesting.

Particularly when you see the concrete thing that starts happening in 2014. The invaluable Sarah Kendzior points out that by 2014 “Russian state media was promoting Trump and Trump was praising Putin on FOX News.” She wrote about it in August 2016. Trump had appeared on Fox and defended Russia’s ongoing disaster of a disorganized and chaotic Sochi Olympics. And this:

The future Republican presidential nominee concludes by stating the US should give Russia a pass, because: “[The US is] going to win something important later on, and they won’t be opposed to what we’re doing.” Trump never specifies what exactly this future “win” will be, but it’s an interesting comment in the context of his ascendancy to the GOP candidacy.

2014 may have been long before Trump actually announced that he was running for president, but it would have been exactly when Russia was deciding he would be their perfect stooge for 2016.

Also — let’s not forget that  Trump was in and out of Russia as far back as the 1980’s, at which time he was trying to build Trump Towers in Russia, and, was seeking financing for his projects from Russian sources.


Mueller’s indictments of Russians is B A D news for Trump . . . very, very bad

‘Trump cannot dismiss this’: Watergate legend Carl Bernstein hammers importance of Mueller’s Russian indictments

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein debunked President Donald Trump’s “no collusion” defense during a Friday appearance on CNN.

“This is huge in several ways. First of all, the substance of the indictment, which sweeping and goes to the case of what the Russians did,” Bernstein explained. “It’s very specific, very granular and very convincing, in a way that Donald Trump cannot dismiss this, nor can his acolytes.”

“Trump has been looking, even in the past week, I’m told by people in the White House, for ways to fire Mueller, bury this investigation and certainly as a first act, to get rid of [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein, which he has been complaining about for months and months,” Bernstein reported. “Here we have Rod Rosenstein going on national TV with perhaps the most significant announcement of the investigation yet and being a very responsible, convincing face, he’s just got himself an insurance policy in that job, one would think, as has the continuation of the Mueller investigation.”

“It is very hard for these Republicans who have gone along with this business of witch hunt to continue to do so after this,” Bernstein concluded.

“You say witch hunt. The Russian government used exactly that phrase as well, responding to this. That’s been a consistent response,” CNN host Jim Sciutto noted to the Watergate legend. “Can the president still…say to his supporters and others that the whole Russian investigation is an excuse by Democrats to make up for their loss?”

“He probably will. He has done it consistently. Remember, he is also playing to his base, his base is his insurance against something awful happening to him in the way of impeachment,” Bernstein suggested.

“Let’s be clear about this. The Republicans who have gone along with him on the hill are afraid of that base, they now have to start rethinking as a result of this, how long can they go along blindly with Donald Trump saying this is all a ruse,” Bernstein noted.

“Mueller is a straight shooter. If — I think we see from what Rosenstein said today — if there is exculpatory evidence about the President of the United States and he did not collude, I think Mueller is going to give it to us straight up and say it up front and so will Rosenstein,” Bernstein predicted.

“But the way this investigation is going, the idea of saying, quote, there is “no collusion” here — look, we are seeing evidence of a conspiracy,” Bernstein reminded.

Former NSA chief blasts Trump’s claims on “no collusion . . . hoax”

The former head of both the National Security Agency and the CIA on Friday said special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments against numerous Russian nationals and entities charged with election-meddling put to rest the conspiracy that his investigation is a “hoax.”

The report accompanying the 16 indictments is “really surprising in its detail,” retired Gen. Michael Hayden told CNN’s Brianna Keilar, noting that there’s so much detail in the report, it “looks like a modern remake of ‘The Americans.’”

Noting that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s stated the report does not prove collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, Keilar asked the former intelligence chief if the indictments “exonerate” President Donald Trump, which he denied.

“No, it’s neutral,” Hayden said. “Particularly neutral on did this effect any votes and did it effect the outcome of the election.”

The impact of the Russian attempts to sow discord in the American political system, the former NSA head suggested, is proved by the “continued debate” on whether the Kremlin actually undertook this election-hacking campaign in the first place. It was a “high-confidence judgement” among intelligence chiefs, but right-wingers including President Donald Trump and popular media figures remained unconvinced until this report was released.

“Now, I really do wanna see what the alt-right news, what the president, what the supporters of the president say about this,” Hayden mused, “which lays out in great detail that this wasn’t a hoax.”

Three Democrats who served as prosecutors break down six critical elements of the Mueller indictment

Some of the leading Democrats on congressional intelligence and judiciary Committees served as prosecutors during legal careers prior to being elected to Washington, DC.  They point out many of the implications of the Mueller indictment.