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One of these is Tomi Lahren, air-headed, know-nothing Fox commentator.  The other is the face of a rubber blow-up sex doll.

Which is which?  No matter, they both serve the same function.

Trump White House advisors have adopted a “don’t tell the crazy old man” method of getting around Trump

Appearing on MSNBC on Monday afternoon, the former spokesperson for Republican Speaker John Boehner blasted Republicans’ denial of reality when it comes to President Donald Trump.

“How challenging is it for this administration, for those that represent this country broadly around the world right now, to effectively say, pay no attention to what that guy is saying?” host Peter Alexander asked Michael Steel.

“It’s awful because you have people who are patriots, people are trying to protect the country, people are trying to get our economy stronger who are simultaneously trying to conserve the Constitution of the United States and serve at the pleasure of a president who lives in a somewhat parallel reality,” Steel explained.

“A president who has a yawning gap, a need to believe that things are as they aren’t, and that creates this dual vision that all of these guys have to deal with as they try and do the right thing for the country.

Fundamentally, ‘don’t tell granddad’ is a strategy to get through Thanksgiving, not a way to govern the country,” Steel explained.

“He has to face reality,” he concluded.

Mueller reviewing Jared Kushner’s attempts to get loans from foreign sources while working on campaign

Special counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation into Jared Kushner beyond contacts with Russia, to include business dealings with two additional foreign powers during the Donald Trump transition, CNN reported Monday.

Kushner, a senior White House advisor and presidential son-in-law, has been in crushing debt due to a real estate investment gone bad at 666 Fifth Ave in New York City.  Kushner paid $1.3 BILLION for the property several years ago, planning to develop it into upscale condos, offices, and shopping.  His plans did not work out — he bought the property at the height of the NY real estate market, just before the market crashed.  Now, the building is not quite half empty with no one interested in moving in or developing it.  Kushner has a $1.3 BILLION note coming due in January 2019 and no way to pay it.

Kushner allegedly sought out Chinese investors during the transition.

CNN also reports Mueller’s team is questioning witnesses about Kushner seeking financing from Qatar for the same property.

UPDATE:  IRS is now looking into Kushner family finances separately from Mueller

Jared Kushner and his family, the companies, the real estate ventures that they own, have been subpoenaed by the IRS for documents relating to their investments, and their investors, and the loans that they have received. Now, this was originally reported by Bloomberg and unfortunately it was kind of short on specifics as to what exactly the IRS is trying to find in Jared Kushner, and his family, and his company’s history, but we do know that the subpoenas are asking for information all the way back from the year 2010, which means for  eight years now, Kushner and his family, through their companies, have been involved in some unsavory dealings in terms of getting money, lending money, borrowing money, and what have you.

One thing the Bloomberg article did point out is that this investigation into Kushner has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Robert Mueller special prosecutor’s investigation into the Trump Administration, which means, ladies and gentlemen, right now Jared Kushner is technically involved in two completely separate investigations into potential criminal conduct. You know, Jared Kushner, a guy who has a security clearance in spite of the fact that he hasn’t been officially given a security clearance or passed a background check, shouldn’t be in the White House whatsoever. I mean, all of the potential signs that are available show us that he should probably be headed to prison, or at least trying to find the best lawyers in this country to defend him, because that’s what he’s going to need.

When you’re involved in two separate investigations, one involving potential treason, the other involving potential fraud of some kind with your financial dealings, you’re probably not, as Trump would say, the best people. You know, Kushner, to his credit, has been very successful in life. Most of it, almost all of it actually, from his parents and from marrying into money, but there’s only so long that you can continue to skirt the law. There’s only so long you can do these shady things in public, or private, excuse me, before they become public. That’s what Jared Kushner is finding out.

We also learned this past week that he and Ivanka’s personal debt since they came to the White House has increased by $155 million. Something’s not right here. Something’s not adding up with the Kushner family finances, and that is exactly what the IRS is hoping to find out from this investigation, and hopefully, at the end of all this, whether it’s the Mueller investigation or the IRS investigation, we can get Jared Kushner and his potential threat to national security completely out of the White House.


Trump is toast. A lot of people around him are toast.

Here’s a critical point:  BEFORE anyone can be charged with conspiracy, racketeering, and the like, the government must FIRST prove there is a conspiracy.

Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russians and several Russian organizations establishes the FACT of a conspiracy.  The indictment also refers to other persons “known and unknown.”

The next step — now that a conspiracy has been proven — is to prove that an American/several Americans were involved in this conspiracy.

For example, if any American(s) had a meeting with Russians at which they discussed the Russians providing to them damaging material on one candidate to help the other candidate, that American (or those Americans) are guilty of conspiracy.  Hmmmm . . . why does this scenario sound familiar?

Cuff ’em, Danno!!

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