Donald Trump is a moron

Donald Trump, currently pretending at being president between TV-watching sessions, told the Spanish government that in order to stop migration across the Mediterranean they should build a wall.

Across the Sahara desert.

As in, across the entire Sahara desert.

According to Josep Borrell, the US president brushed off the scepticism of Spanish diplomats – who pointed out that the Sahara stretched for 3,000 miles – saying: “The Sahara border can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.” […]Borrell’s comments were made at a lunch event in Madrid this week and widely reported in the Spanish media. “We can confirm that’s what the minister said, but we won’t be making any further comment on the minister’s remarks,” said a spokesman for the foreign ministry.

There are several problems with this plan.

  • The first is that Spain does not own the Sahara desert, which spans numerous African nations that are, despite what Donald may have learned from Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity, Not Spain.
  • The second is that despite Donald Trump not believing it, 3,000 miles is in fact “bigger” than the U.S.-Mexico border, which is less than 2,000 miles.
  • The third is that the vast majority of European migrants are coming from the Middle East, which is a measurable distance from the Sahara desert to begin with, and so a completed wall across even a vast portion of Africa would play an at best ancillary role in deterring refugees fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The fourth is that Donald is a moron.

Trump Jr., is a lying piece of shit just like his father – – Anderson Cooper exposes Jr.’s lies

CNN host Anderson Cooper flattened Donald Trump Jr. in his Monday commentary at the close of the show.

“I rarely respond to online conspiracy theorists or cable news cranks looking to get into a mutually beneficial beef that will boost their ratings,” confessed the host. “I try not to argue other TV anchors, and I usually let conspiracy theorists go unanswered. For years, Alex Jones claimed that I didn’t go to Sandy Hook after the shootings there and claimed an interview I did a grieving mother was instead done in front of a green screen in a studio somewhere with a crisis actor.”

He noted he never understood the logic of the conspiracy theory.

He explained that he spends hours weekly flying all over the world to cover stories and asked why he wouldn’t drive just a few hours to go to Connecticut to cover the murders of children.

“Recently, I saw another online conspiracy theorist claim that the little boy I helped in Haiti who had been struck in the head a piece of concrete by a mob was actually a little child I was using a human shield to protect myself,” Cooper said. “I really don’t even know what to say to that ridiculous idea.”

This weekend, however, President Donald Trump’s son, who Cooper called “Donny Jr.” tweeted a photo of Cooper waist-high in flood waters while his camera crew stood on top of things a few feet away.

“He claimed it was me faking the depth of floodwaters to somehow harm his father,” Cooper said. “A guy named Gavin J. Smith, who I’ve never heard of, tweeted, ‘Absolutely disgraceful, apparently Hurricane Florence wasn’t devastating enough for CNN’s Anderson Cooper, so he had to exaggerate for his live shot. Fake news at its finest.’ The picture popped up in various memes alleging fake news.”

Another person made a homophobic joke that Cooper was on his knees in the water. Cooper sarcastically called it “very classy.”

“Anyway, I’ve covered hurricanes for about 14 years and it really does make me sad to think that anyone would believe that I would try to fake something or overly dramatize a disaster,” the host said. “I debated whether I should even respond to the president’s son. I know he believes himself to be an outdoorsman and likes to go to Africa and kill animals, but I don’t know if he’s ever been to a flood. I didn’t see him down in North Carolina in the last few days, but I’m sure he was doing something important besides just tweeting lies.”

Cooper then debunked the conspiracy by saying that the photos were actually taken several years ago on Sept 13, 2008, when he did a two-hour broadcast from Bridge City, Texas by Highway 62. He then aired the footage from that report.

“For those who think I was kneeling or faking the water level or making it look worse than it was or standing in some sort of a hole, this is an area where people had been trapped on the roofs of their homes by water,” the host explained. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who I actually interviewed during this broadcast called it the largest rescue and recovery operation in Texas state history.”

The host said he noted that to explain how “idiotic” the comment was, particularly since his report was about how the water was actually receding.

“Again, I’m not trying to play up how bad it is, I’m pointing out that this water is actually lower than it was earlier in the day,” Cooper explained. “Also in this clip, before you see it, I point out that there is a road right next to us that is being used to evacuate people and I wasn’t standing on the road because I didn’t want to get in the way and invade people’s privacy.”

In the broadcast, he explained the cameras were standing on the road because it was important to keep the equipment dry. He played more clips from the two-hour show, even one where he was making fun of himself during the broadcast when he got freaked out at a water moccasin.

“Look, I don’t expect the president’s son to ever admit he was wrong or one of the president’s former advisers or frankly anyone else who’s retweeted these should know the truth,” Cooper said. “And finally, for anyone who still thinks that this was taken in Florence, the person you see there, his name was Doug Thomas, the audio tech, he worked for CNN for 26 years, he covered a lot of storms and a lot of stories, he died a year ago this month and we miss him every day.”

A racist Republican? Well, am I ever surprised.

What? A racist Republican candidate? Say it ain’t so.

Courtesy of KDVR:

A GOP candidate for the State House is off the ballot after a controversial blog was revealed.

David Reid Ross, a Republican in HD 12 in Boulder County, admitted to FOX31 and Channel 2 he is the author of “The House of David” a blog with posts including:

“If you love black people, never, never let them vote”

“Homosexuality is a disease” and

“Islam is false and evil”

The blog was first revealed by Westword Magazine earlier this week.

After the Colorado Republican party learned about the blog posts they took back their endorsement and Ross filed papers to withdraw his name which will not show up on the ballot.

Apparently, the Colorado Republicans have no plans to replace him at this late date so I guess that is a win for the Democrats?

Ross was interviewed by a local Fox station and he did not deny writing the posts:

“I’m very sorry for the people I’ve let down,” Ross told FOX31 Political Reporter Joe St. George.

Ross did not deny the posts.

“So you are afraid of the religion of Islam?” “Currently, yes,” Ross said.

“Are you against black people are you a racist?” St. George asked.

“That is more complicated,” Ross said.

“What is complicated about that? it is usually a yes or no answer?” St. George replied.

“Because racist is a word that is thrown around too much,” Ross added.

Yeah, that word does get thrown around quite a lot…when it’s referring to racists.

My favorite part of this story is the feigned outrage that the local Republican party expresses at discovering one of their own is a racist as if they are not bulging at the seams with racists.

I think their real outrage is that this one was so clumsy about it.

Trump’s Oklahoma chairman sentenced for child sex trafficking . . . typical Republican

Former Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey will be sentence Monday for a case in which he pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking and the records in the case have now been unsealed.

According to News9, the documents reveal Shortey placed Craiglist sex ads, took obscene motel photos and used fake names to traffick underage boys.

In 2017, Shortey was filmed by the body camera of a Moore, Oklahoma police officer doing a “wellness check” after a call came in about a boy in a Super Eight Motel. It was there Shortey was found with the teen.

“I’m sorry, you guys are just freaking me out a little bit,” Shortey said to the officer.

“Yeah, that’s kind of what we do,” the officer can be heard saying on the video. The officers didn’t know at the time that Shortey was an elected official and at first didn’t believe it was his real name. The officer can be heard saying that the boy is 17 years old. Shortey then claimed he “didn’t know.”

The records show 14 ads were posted by Shortey on Craigslist identifying him as “…a married guy looking for a boy…” and requests, “…younger the better…”

Several of the Craigslist ads ask for correspondence and photos. The 17-year-old victim in the motel room exchanged nude photos.

Shortey identified himself as “Brian Tilley,” one of two fake names investigators said he used online.

The court documents reveal photos of stains in an unmade hotel bed, though the 17-year-old victim said that they probably weren’t from his interaction with Shortey.

Shortey was an avid Trump supporter during the 2016 campaign and served as the campaign’s state chairman in the Oklahoma GOP primaries, which Trump won.

“I am proud and honored to have been tapped as Chairman of the campaign for Oklahoma,” Shortey wrote on his Facebook Sept. 2015, according to The Lost Ogle.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to have Mr. Trump here,” he said announcing a rally for Trump at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Shortey with Donald Trump, Jr. — were they looking for little boys?

Fat Donny’s gang is ratting him out . . . Godfather Donald is surrounded . . .

Now that former Trump campaign manger Paul Manafort has turned federal witness against Trump, it’s clear that Fat Donny’s criminal gang is turning against him.  About the only people still loyal to Godfather Don are his children . . . and he’d better keep an eye on them.

Paul Manafort flipped on Fat Don. That’s right, Fat Donny got flipped on by his former consigliere.

Other members of the Trump Crime Family who have flipped on Godfather Fat Donny are:

  • Consigliere Michael Cohen
  • Publicist David Pecker
  • Accountant Allen Weisselberg (remember — they got Al Capone when they got his bookkeeper)
  • Michael Flynn, Richard Gates and George Papadopoulos – all capos in the Trump Mafia have turned rat  — along with Alex van der Zwaan, an attorney,

Is there anyone who won’t rat him out?

Rumors from the White House say Trump only gropes Melania to see if she’s wearing a wire.

Trump and Russian friends made flurry of financial transactions around time of Jr.’s meeting with Russians

The Trumps made a “flurry” of suspicious financial transactions following Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian intelligence asset in Trump Tower, reports BuzzFeed News.

 According to the new report, just after the meeting “a complex web of financial transactions among some of the planners and participants who moved money from Russia and Switzerland to the British Virgin Islands, Bangkok, and a small office park in New Jersey.”
 The key figure is Putin-allied oligarch Aras Agalarov, who also has ties to Donald Trump. Following the meeting, Agalarov transfered money to “at least two people” who attended the meeting.

Then, after the election, there was a second flurry of transfers.

 “The Agalarov family started sending what would amount to $1.2 million from their bank in Russia to an account in New Jersey controlled by the billionaire’s son, pop singer Emin Agalarov, and two of his friends,” BuzzFeed reports. “The account had been virtually dormant since the summer of 2015, according to records reviewed by BuzzFeed News, and bankers found it strange that activity in Emin Agalarov’s checking account surged after Trump’s victory.”

Another piece of interesting timing: The first transfer happened on June 20, the same day Trump fired campaign manager Lewandowski so he could put Paul Manafort in charge. Manafort famously refused to take a salary, but on the same day Agalarov used a company called Silver Valley Consulting to move millions.

Read the full report here.