Tump announces White House dinner for Supreme Court justices. Then cancels the dinner.

The White House on Sunday announced that it would host a dinner on Thursday for the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, then, according to TheHill.com, abruptly announced that due to scheduling conflicts, the dinner would have to be postponed indefinitely.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl said on Twitter Sunday afternoon that the “highly unusual” dinner would take place Thursday night.

“This is highly unusual — President will have dinner with the Justices of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to the White House,” he tweeted.


Hawaii’s Sen. Brian Schatz objected, writing, “Why would the Supreme Court agree to do this? I can think of no legitimate reason to dine with a litigant.”


Then, Sunday evening, the Hill said, the White House said the dinner would have to be rescheduled to an undetermined later date.

Newly sworn in Justice Neil Gorsuch was slated to attend on Thursday, but it’s not clear which other members of the court would attend.

“Presidents hosting Supreme Court justices for dinner isn’t unusual,” wrote The Hill’s Brandon Carter. “Presidents Hayes, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Carter all hosted members of the Court at the White House. More recently, President  George W. Bush and his wife hosted members of the Court for a dinner in 2008.”

Announcing the dinner and postponing it in the same day, however, bespeaks the reported chaos inside the White House and the limitations of President Donald Trump’s “freewheeling” approach to administrative scheduling and appointments.

Why is it, every time I read or hear something about the Trump administration, I think of that old radio and TV show, “Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour?”

It’s gonna get A LOT worse say those who know Trump best

President Donald Trump’s first 100 days are — by any measurable standards — looking an awful lot like a failure to many observers, but Trump himself insists that everything is running perfectly.

According to a feature in Politico magazine on Sunday, Trump’s constant insistence that everything is great — even in the face of bankruptcies, closings and collapsed ventures — is a key to his success and always has been.

“How, wonder people who are even fleetingly familiar with presidential history, can Trump look back at the past three months and seriously say they were the best ever?” asked Politico’s Michael Kruse. “To others, though, who have worked with him, have been watching him for decades and know him well, nothing could be more familiar.”

“I just shake my head,” one former Trump casino executive told Kruse, “and I say, ‘Well, that’s Donald Trump.’”

Kruse compiled a record of the many, many times the president — when faced with business closings, the collapse of his airline, his steak brand, his bottled water brand, his sports team ownership and on and on — has simply said, “Things are great. Business is great” and somehow gotten away with it.

These statements, Kruse wrote, “are potent shots of unadulterated, time-tested Trump — short, confident declarations of success, in spite of objective evidence of failure, uttered with total disregard for the parsing and fact-checking that constitutes so much of the coverage of him and his administration. Biographers, ex-employees, veteran New York City gossip columnists, public relations professionals and political operatives from both major parties say recognizing this well-established pattern of behavior—stumble, proclaim victory, move on—is imperative to understanding Trump.”

Trump never feels like he’s failing as long as his bottomless need for attention is being met. Furthermore, the president “has perfected a narrative style in which he doesn’t merely obscure reality — he tries to change it with pronouncements that act like blaring, garish roadside billboards… (H)e has defined himself as a success no matter what — by talking the loudest and the longest, and by insisting on having the first word and also the last.”

The approach has worked at every turn thus far in Trump’s adult life, Politico said. Many people who are familiar with Trump and have watched him in the long term say that he may well pull it off, powering through his actual failures and missteps with a relentless barrage of PR.

“He creates his own reality,” former Trump Organization vice president Barbara Res said. “He created the reality that he was this big, successful businessman, and now he’s creating the reality that he’s a big, accomplished president.”

 Republican strategist Rick Wilson, one of Trump’s fiercest critics, said, “He’s gotten away with this game his whole life.”


“We’re not even close to how bad it’s going to get,” Wilson said. “It’s going to get substantially more difficult to keep selling this crap. He’s not dealing with some random vendors in New Jersey. He’s dealing with the American people. But I will say this: His cult has shown a great willingness to be a cult.”

Jack O’Donnell — the former casino executive — told Kruse that Trump will use the approach for as long as it works.

“If you or I were sitting there,” he said, “we would have trouble staring into the camera and lying. He doesn’t.”

Trump’s Homeland Security chief says “I don’t know a damn thing about defeating homegrown terrorists.” WTF??? They are responsible for most terrorist attacks in the US!!

President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly admitted during a Sunday interview that while the administration is fighting hard for a southern border wall with Mexico, it has no plan to deal with “homegrown” domestic terrorists — who are responsible for the majority of U.S. terror attacks.

Mediaite.com reported that Kelly was appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday to press for funding to build the border wall.

Host John Dickerson said, “Is there anything in the Paris attack that sends any lessons about US policy or policy that should be put in place?”

“There are so many aspects of this terrorist thing,” Kelly answered. “Obviously you’ve got the homegrown terrorists. I don’t know how to stop that. I don’t know how to detect that.”

Dickerson said that seems like kind of a “big problem.”

 “It is a big problem,” Kelly said. “It is — you know, depending on where you sit is where you stand on this — it is a big threat. Is it the number one threat? I think it’s the most common threat.”

“The percentage of the population that embrace white supremacy, militia and sovereign citizen extremists far outweigh the percentage of Americans that support ISIS,” said former DHS analyst Daryl Johnson earlier this year.

Let’s cut through the bullshit and state a fact: Trump is a FAILURE in every respect. Always was, always will be.

And anyone who voted for him is a brainless idiot.

Trump’s presidency — regardless of how he tries to spin it — has thus far been a series of failures and attempts to defraud people, just like his string of failed businesses.  And, just like his failed businesses, his “presidency” will be one failure after another.  The difference, of course, is that when his business fails, only he is hurt (and not hurt much at that); when his presidency fails, we all hurt big time.

The media tried to build up Donald Trump as a successful businessman.  What they didn’t focus on is that he built his business over two things:

  1. Number one is bankruptcy which is both failure and basically borrowing money from many people and failing to repay it —  to the tune of billions of dollars.
  2. Number two, defrauding people. Thousands of people that he cheated and defrauded, that was brought out in a report by USA Today.

Now people are looking at him trying to translate that failed business into successfully running a government — but HE’S A COMPLETELY FAILED EXECUTIVE. He does not know it, but — he’s incompetent.

Trump has had no significant legislative triumphs in his first 100 days and will not have a single significant legislative victory no matter how long he is in office.  Further more, although his devoted followers remain true to him, he is not showing any signs of improving his historically low approval numbers.

Jason Chaffetz scandal about to burst wide open


When Jason Chaffetz announced yesterday that he won’t be seeking reelection in 2018 and won’t be running for any office, some pundits posited that he’s merely looking to avoid losing in the anti-Trump landslide expected in the midterms. But that doesn’t even make sense. No, this is all about a Chaffetz scandal that’s about to hit the fan.

Last week Palmer Report brought you the story the intel community sources who claim the FBI has learned that Russia has been holding blackmail material over Jason Chaffetz, in order to make sure the House Oversight Committee that he chairs will never investigate Donald Trump’s Russian election collusion scandal (link). Chaffetz’s announcement yesterday fits in line with this. The Republican Party does not need twenty months to find a suitable replacement in a district that red. So if he were merely afraid of losing reelection in 2018, he’d have waited awhile before making this announcement to see if the overall political winds might change direction in the mean time.

The only reason for Jason Chaffetz to announce this early that he’s not running again is if he’s sitting on a scandal that he knows is about to explode. By taking himself off the table for 2018, he’s hoping those with the dirt on him will be appeased into not releasing it after all. Who’s about to out him? Russia? The FBI itself? We don’t know which of these entities is forcing his hand this week, but he does. There’s widespread buzz on Twitter that not only won’t he finish out his term, but that he might resign tomorrow. This buzz is spreading so quickly that it’s difficult to even parse where it originated from. But there’s a reason for all this smoke.

Jason Chaffetz is surely trying to figure out whether his announcement yesterday is enough to keep the scandal from becoming public, or if he now needs to resign immediately in order to improve his odds. So the buzz you’re hearing is likely the result of the trial balloons Chaffetz himself is floating behind the scenes. Will he resign tomorrow? Next week? Will he finish out his term? Who knows. This is too chaotic to predict the particulars. But it’s precisely that chaos, that panic coming from Chaffetz, that tells us this is such a bombshell that it’s coming out one way or the other. It always does. The only question is whether the Chaffetz scandal explodes before or after he’s vacated his seat.

Tuesday: “Iran is in compliance.” Thursday: “Iran is not in compliance.”

Is it too much to ask that the Trump administration make up their goddam minds?

On Tuesday, April 18, the State Department issued a statement that Iran is in compliance with all terms of the nuclear weapons limitation agreement signed in 2015 under President Obama.

On Thursday, April 20, President Donald Trump said that Iran is “not living up to the spirit” of the nuclear deal.

Trump made the remarks at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni Thursday after he was asked if he had “reason to suspect that cheating” on the deal. On Tuesday the administration notified Congress that Iran was continuing to comply with the terms of the deal, a notice that must be given every 90 days.

Iran signed the agreement, formally titled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in 2015 along with the United States and members of the United Nations Security Council.

“I think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed,” said Trump, adding “we’re analyzing it very, very carefully and we’ll have something to say about it in the not-too-distant future.”

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-iran-living-spirit-nuclear-deal-compliance/story?id=46921287