Do not say “tax reform”

Trump says he now will turn his attention to “tax reform”

Let’s be certain to call this what it is:  “tax cuts for the wealthy.”

DO NOT say “tax reform.”  That’s what Trump and the Republicans want you to say.  It’s NOT “tax reform.”  It’s a huge gift to the wealthiest Americans.

Remember: “tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Trump The Dealmaker fails . . . really big fail!!!

President Donald Trump was reportedly skimpy on the details of the now-failed American Health Care Act in a meeting with conservative Republicans Thursday, apparently telling them to “forget about the little shit,” multiple unnamed sources told Politico.

The report described a meeting that Trump had with members of the Freedom Caucus, in which members pelted him with “wonkish concerns” about specific aspects of the Republicans’ bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump cut them off, according to the report, wanting to keep it simple.

“Forget about the little shit,” Trump said, unnamed sources told Politico.”Let’s focus on the big picture here.”

That reportedly did not sit well with members in attendance.

“We’re talking about one-fifth of our economy,” an unnamed member told Politico’s Tim Alberta.

The report is in line with others that have said Trump does not like to be bogged down with many details and prefers short intelligence briefings made up of bullet points.

Members of the Freedom caucus reportedly also took issue with Trump when he apparently “called out” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) during a meeting earlier that week with the GOP conference, joking that he may have to “come after” Meadows if he didn’t vote for the bill. He then reportedly said that he thought Meadows, a longtime Trump ally would “get on board.”

“That was the biggest mistake the president could have made,” an unnamed Freedom Caucus member told Politico. “Mark desperately wanted to get to yes, and Trump made it impossible for him. If he flipped after that he would look incredibly weak.

Stop the presses!! Trump creates 35 jobs . . . maybe.

The news has come out that the State Department will most likely approve construction of the Keystone pipeline that will funnel oil from Canada through the United States on 1,200 miles of pipeline, and then right out of America into the world. And while the oil money goes to Canada, there’s great news for Americans —the pipeline potentially creates 35 new jobs that may be divided up through about 6 states!

“It’s a great day for American jobs,” Trump said from the Oval Office on Friday after the State Department issued a permit allowing the pipeline proposed by TransCanada to go forward.

“Today, we take one more step towards putting the jobs, wages and economic security of American citizens first,” the president said.

See? Unpopular president and pathologically deceitful person Donald Trump said “great day” and “American jobs.”

The construction of the pipeline would indeed create thousands of jobs. But they will be temporary. The Alberta-to-Nebraska pipeline would create about 3,900 jobs if it was built in one year, according to a State Department report. That number would drop to 1,950 jobs if Keystone takes two years to build.

The report also estimated that only 35 permanent employees would be needed in addition to 15 temporary contractors to operate Keystone.

You know what sounds super sexy? “15 temporary contractors.” Oh man, I want some of that work! Who needs coal when we got oil?

In unrelated news,the renewable energy industry continues to outpace job creation in the United States.

It’s not a defeat for Trump

Today, the House Republican leadership pulled the Trumpcare bill — the American Health Care Act — from consideration by the House after realizing that they did not have and could not get the votes.

Pundits are now declaring this to be a defeat for Trump.

This is not defeat.  This is FAILURE.

Failure and defeat are not the same thing.  Let’s use a football analogy.

Consider a top-flight, winning, championship football team — a team made up of the best players, all at the peak of condition — they practice and practice and practice until they execute flawlessly — they are coached by the best coaches the game has ever seen.  And yet, they lose.  It happens every Saturday and Sunday during football season — one team upsets the favorite.  That’s a defeat.  A really good team will lose from time to time.

What happened to Trump and Ryan and the GOP today was a failure — they failed to practice, they failed to stay in condition, they failed to have a game plan, their coaches proved to be incompetent, they failed in every respect.

Furthermore, this is not the last failure we will see from the Trump administration.  In fact, I’ll be surprised if they succeed at anything.

What’s happened to Trump The Dealmaker??

How many times during the campaign did Trump tell us he is the Master  Dealmaker of All Time??

Looks as though that claim was as much bullshit as everything else he claims.

Let’s look at the Master Dealmaker at work on the promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

Monday, March 20:  21 House Republicans will vote NO.

Tuesday, March 21:  The Master Dealmaker Himself goes to Capitol Hill to make deals.

Wednesday, March 22:  27 House Republicans will vote NO.

Thursday, March 23:  34 House Republicans will vote NO, another 17 are leaning to vote NO.

Friday, March 24:  “Over 40” House Republicans will vote NO.  One Republican House member said:  “We are going to lose and lose big.  Once one person votes NO, the floodgates open.”