Trump family voted absentee in NYC mayoral election . . . every one of their ballots was screwed uip

The entire Trump family couldn’t put together a valid absentee ballot between them in the New York mayoral race held November 7. Daily News:

Officials at the city’s Board of Elections said the President signed and dated an absentee ballot along with an application on Oct. 19, checking a box that said he would be absent from the city on Election Day.

First Lady Melania Trump did the same, submitting a handwritten form that had everything in capital letters.

But the First Lady did not sign the envelope she put the ballot in as required by BOE, so her vote wasn’t counted. […]

Trump’s daughter Ivanka also botched her ballot. It was filled out correctly, but she didn’t mail it until Election Day—which was too late to be counted, officials said.

Her husband, Jared Kushner, didn’t mail his back at all, according to the board. […]

Officials said the President’s ballot was fine. But that was before the Daily News pointed out to an official that the date of birth on his application was a full month off.

Trump, 71, was born on June 14, 1946, but his ballot application lists his birthday as July.

Bear in mind that Jared and Ivanka are senior advisors with security clearances, ostensibly tasked with implementing policy and changing the world in which we live. They can’t even take care of a simple personal errand. Melania can’t follow simple directions and Trump doesn’t know when he was born, apparently. It boggles the mind to speculate how these people might fare if they had to actually perform acceptably at a normal job every day, do their own laundry, prepare their own meals, get the oil changed, etc. These people are incompetent. Looking good, with lots of help, is their sole attribute.

Whatever the outcome in the Alabama Senate election . . .

Whatever the outcome in the Dec 12 Alabama Senate election, let us never forget that the so-called President of the United States had a choice — he could support:

  • A known child-molester who thinks homosexuals should be jailed; who wants to repeal the 13th Amedment (outlawed slavery) and the 19th Amendment (gave women the right to vote); and who says his Bible trumps the Constitution — OR —
  • A veteran prosecutor who prosecuted the Klansmen who bombed a church, killing four little girls and who put many more Klansmen in jail.

Let us never forget this fact:  The so-called President chose the child-molester.  He was not alone because many other Republicans also supported the child-molester who praises slavery.

Trump: Sad, sick, angry old man

He’s a sad, sick old man.

All his businesses have failed.  No bank will lend him money, so, he turns to “alternate sources of financing”  (read:  Russian mob money) and sketchy banks (DeutscheBank “special clients branch” and Bank of Cyprus the money laundering capital of the world).  He is not smart enough to understand complex issues.  His latest trophy wife barely recognizes him.  His children and their spouses are as phony as he.  He was never admitted to New York society because the people with old money recognized him for what he is.

His only response to someone who disagrees with him is to attack them personally.

He’s a sad, sick, angry, impotent old man shouting from his front porch at neighborhood kids to “GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”

White House provides “witnesses” who claim Trump did not molest women . . . all Trump’s witnesses are liars

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly denied the numerous, detailed allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump, and claimed:

And, in this case, the President has denied any of these allegations, as have eyewitnesses.  And several reports have shown those eyewitnesses also back up the President’s claim in this process. […]

In terms of the specific eyewitness accounts, there have been multiple reports and I’d be happy to provide them to you after the briefing has completed.

And on Tuesday, Sanders sent her list of eyewitnesses to Think Progress. It will surprise no one to learn that much like Trump, the list is a bad joke.

There’s Katie Blair, who disputes the claim of Samantha Holvey, who says that Trump “personally inspected each of the contestants” at the 2006 Miss USA pageant. Blair wasn’t in the 2006 Miss USA pageant.

Melissa Young is eyewitness number two against Samantha Holvey, with the White House describing her as “someone who ‘Also Competed In The 2005 Miss USA Pageant.’” Except Samantha Holvey didn’t compete in the 2005 Miss USA Pageant.

And eyewitness number three is Anthony Gilberthorpe, a confirmed liar, who “claimed to be an eyewitness disputing the account of Jessica Leeds, who says Trump groped her on an airplane in 1980.” Gilberthorpe said that he perfectly remembers watching Trump and Leeds on an airplane 37 years ago, that nothing happened AND that Leeds, “then in her 30s, confided in him (an 18-year-old stranger) that she wanted to marry Trump.”  Sure, she did.

And there you have it. The eyewitnesses who totally back up Donald Trump’s claims that he’s not a vile, disgusting pig and serial sexual assaulter.

“Huge” crowd at Trump’s Pensacola FL rally

Here’s a photo of the “crowd” at Trump’s Pensacola FL rally.  This photo was taken a few seconds before Trump entered the hall.  This rally is in Florida — however — check out the flag partially hidden behind the scoreboard — that’s the state flag of Alabama.

Trump can’t even fill a high school gymnasium.

Trump will try to say this photo was taken long before he arrived.  NO.  This photo was taken AS TRUMP WAS WALKING TO THE PLATFORM TO SPEAK.

Since the election . . .

In the year since the 2016 election, not a single person who did not support Trump has turned into a Trump supporter.

Read that again . . . since Trump was elected, not a single person who did not support him has turned into a Trump supporter.

Instead, his popularity continues to drop, especially among those who supported him in 2016.  Trump is shedding supporters every day.