Let’s check in and see what T-Rump’s Nazi friends are doing today

In DC community pool, Nazi is evicted after calling one of the lifeguards a “n####r.”

While white nationalists and neo-Nazis were marching and battling with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend, a lone neo-Nazi wandered into an aquatic center near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and was tossed out after cursing and confronting the lifeguards

According to PopVille, a shirtless man sporting “visible drawings on his body of swastikas, upside down crosses, and ‘666,’ ” meandered into the Rumsey Aquatic Center  and began to use an outlet to charge an electronic device.

A comment shared on the Mothers on the Hill listserv notes:

“I just stopped by my local pool in Eastern Market to swim laps. It is temporarily closed because a guy with a swastika tattoo on his abdomen entered the pool today and called a lifeguard the N word, and a brawl ensued. The other swimmers I spoke to said there was blood and they broke the glass at the lifeguard stand. I saw the white supremacist with the swastika tattoo sitting on the sidewalk in front of the pool being interviewed by three DC police with my own eyes.”

The comment was confirmed by the District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation in a statement, reading:

“Several guests raised concerns to DPR lifeguards about the individual being on the pool deck, but not using the pool. A DPR lifeguard responded by trying to speak with the individual. At this point, the individual became irate, repeatedly and aggressively using offensive language towards the lifeguard. As the situation began to escalate, a second lifeguard intervened, and the police were called. Once officers from the Protective Services Division arrived, the individual was escorted out of the facility. The pool remained closed for about 30 minutes after the incident while staff cleaned up glass from a door window that was accidentally broken while the second lifeguard was assisting with deescalating the situation. To be clear, there was no physical contact between the individual who was asked to leave and any staff or guests at the facility.”

Another witness to the event tied it directly to President Donald Trump, writing on the Rumsey Aquatic Center Facebook page, “I’ve been going to the same public pool in DC for five years. Today, someone drew swastikas and nazi symbols on himself before showing up to the pool. When asked to cover offensive images, the man began using racist epithets towards the lifeguards.”

“It’s not hard to draw a line between the leader of our country not taking sides in Charlottesville and events like today. It must stop,” he continued.

Nazi website “Daily Stormer” is urging T-Rump Nazi supporters to interrupt funeral of young woman they murdered in Charlottesville.

The white supremacist website The Daily Stormer is taking a page out of the Westboro Baptist Church playbook by sending self-described Nazis to the funeral of a woman who was allegedly killed by a white nationalist brethren in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Conservative journalist Laura Loomer revealed in a tweet on Tuesday that Daily Stormer system administrator Andrew Auernheimer, know as “Weev”, is recruiting like-minded people to protest the funeral of Heather Heyer, a counter-protester who police suspect was deliberately run down and killed by a member of a violent group opposing the removal of a Civil War-era statue in Charlottesville.

“Weev”, the system administrator for The Daily Stormer is planning on sending Nazis to #HeatherHeyer funeral. #Charlottesville,” Loomer wrote.

Her tweet included a screen shot of a post by “Weev” asking for “e-sleuths” to track down the funeral location.

“Yo, I need some research done,” Weev wrote. “What’s the location of this fat skank’s funeral.”

“Get on it, e-sleuths,” he added. “I want to get people on the ground there.”

Totally “not racist” T-Rump fan fired from job after attacking “n####rs.”

fan of President Donald Trump was recently fired from his job after sending racist messages to comedian Gary Owen.

The Trump supporter, Joseph Lanham, went to see Owen’s show Saturday night in North Naples, Florida. He apparently became upset when Owen started making fun of the president.

Owen told local news outlet Fox 4 Now that the drunk white man started heckling him and loudly shouting racial slurs.

“And at one point I was doing a Trump joke, and he said ‘Yeah, there’s more of us than there is of them.’ And he kept talking, so I kicked him out of my show,” Owen said in an Instagram video. “This is what he sent me on Facebook.”

Owen then showed three racist messages from Lanham, the first of which read: “Your at a n*gga living piece of shit and we are paying for you warefafe loving n*ggers [sic].”

“He send this to me as a message on Facebook… Now everybody knows who you are. Hope your boss sees it if you got a job,” Owen said in his video. “But that $40 you spent on a ticket to see me? I’m going to donate that to the NAACP, you racist f*ck.”

According to NBC 2, Lanham was fired from his job as Vice President of Sales for National Roofing of Collier. His wife was also fired from the same company.

His former boss, Ralph Goddard, said the the racist messages angered him. He also said his company was receiving threats over it.

“I was fearful for my employees to even come in this morning because I didn’t know what to expect,” Goddard said.

T-Rump sneaks in the back door of his NYC faux-gold gilded castle to avoid reality

Donald Trump went home to his gilded tower in Manhattan on Monday, and while his staff may have given him a big welcome inside, the scene outside was not so friendly. Thousands of protesters turned out to greet him, but Trump avoided them, the New York Times’ Matthew Haag and Sarah Maslin Nir report:

His presidential motorcade avoided Fifth Avenue and pulled up to Trump Tower after driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Going down a one-way street to slip in the back rather than making a grand entrance under the big Trump sign—that had to make him seethe. But if he’d gone in the front, Trump might have had to see people like this:

“His hateful rhetoric caused what happened in Charlottesville,” said Ronald Gerring, who was visiting New York from Chicago along with his wife, Lachandra Geri. Though it was a birthday trip for Gerring, the two decided to protest. […]

“This is personal for me,” said Bihn Thai, a New York City teacher whose family fled Vietnam after the war. He said his family’s experience as refugees had made him critical of Trump’s strict stance on immigration and accepting refugees.

Not that he would have listened to them, but Trump couldn’t even be driven past them in the end. He knows, though. He knows that far from being the prince of New York, he’s the despised ogre in the tower. And that it’s not just New York that hates him.


T-Rump’s BFF Ted Nugent pops up again, spreading horseshit


Conservative rocker Ted Nugent claims his involvement in the National Rifle Association has kept him from his industry’s biggest honor.

“That’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock And Roll Of Fame,” Nugent declared in an interview with Albany radio station Q103 last week.

No, Ted, you’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because (1) you aren’t a particularly good musician; (2) you’re an average guitarist; and, (3) you’re a pedophile.

Plus, you associate with some real losers.

The nation has entered uncharted waters of hate and despair . . . and T-Rump is responsible

America Has Entered an Age of Sadness and Despair—and Our President Personally Made This Possible


Now is an era of sadness and despair in America. Not only have right-wing extremists and Nazis, mostly composed of deeply entitled and privileged young white men, marched openly in our streets, pushing well beyond free speech by committing acts of deadly violence and terror against counter-protesters, but it’s become abundantly clear that our chief executive — the president of the United States — is both an enabler and a sympathizer of their lost cause.

There have been many occasions throughout the past two years when Donald Trump has made me embarrassed to call myself an American. There is his disgraceful and unpresidential behavior, often made obvious multiple times daily. There is the disturbing reality that he’s been politically successful both despite and because of his erratic bullying, which is not reflective of a strong leader but rather a fledgling authoritarian, ignorant bigot and amoral toddler.

On Saturday, however, Trump revealed himself to be far worse, given his barely unspoken, between-the-lines support for white supremacist goon squads and, yes, Nazi terrorists inside our national borders, marching in our streets.

It was bad enough that Trump has surrounded himself with Nazi white supremacists like Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. It was bad enough that Trump constructed his entire political message around a racist dog-whistle, appealing explicitly to the “forgotten men and women” of America. (There was little mystery about what color they were.) It was bad enough that throughout his campaign and presidency so far, Trump has pandered to aggrieved white people angry about Black Lives Matter and the first black president, while he simultaneously demonized nonwhites, be they immigrants or citizens. And then, in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Saturday, he vindicated all our suspicions with the most atrocious presidential remarks delivered in generations.

While victims of the graphic, horrifying terror attack in Charlottesville were still covered in freshly drawn blood, including and especially the late Heather Heyer, the president meekly denounced the “hatred, bigotry and violence” of the day. By itself, that would have been passable. The president instead decided to add his own apparently improvised qualifier: “on many sides, on many sides.”

In other words, the white supremacist who rammed his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters, killing Heyer and injuring 19 others, is on the same level as the counter-protesters who didn’t kill or severely injure anyone that day. This according to your president, the ironically dubbed “leader of the free world.” The president’s “many sides” line also appeared to link the deadly Charlottesville terrorist attack with Black Lives Matter protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and other activists who, again, haven’t engaged in any acts of terror whatsoever nor are linked in any way to the Holocaust and other atrocities of World War II.

Making matters worse, the president refused to condemn the Nazis and white supremacists who assembled in the name of defending, in this case violently, the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville and — perhaps more importantly for them — expressing their perceived grievances in an age of broadening equality and civil rights. Again, it’s worth repeating: The president refused to condemn Nazis — actual, self-identified neo-Nazis with their snappy World War II German cosplayer regalia, their matching Nazi helmets, their khaki slacks and their combat boots.

We know exactly why Trump refused to say what so many other prominent Republicans and Democrats said in response. We know that Trump performs exclusively to his base. No one else matters beyond those represented best by his googly-eyed rally-attending disciples. These are people who largely do not identify as racists or Nazis, but who seem perfectly comfortable sticking it to perceived outsiders as well as the liberal benefactors of those “others.” We know that Trump has no problem with relentlessly blasting his enemies, yet neo-Nazis and white supremacists are somehow off limits.

Indeed, the only people Trump consistently refuses to condemn are Nazis, such as the Unite the Right goons in Charlottesville, and authoritarians such as President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey, and, of course, Vladimir Putin. Trump was perfectly comfortable comparing the American intelligence community with “Nazi Germany” a few months back, but he defiantly refused to condemn the actual Nazis marching in his backyard, 90 minutes south of the White House.

Trump was more than happy to attack his own attorney general and his own party’s Senate leader. He condemned war hero John McCain. He repeatedly condemned the judges of the Ninth Circuit. Hell, Trump condemned both “Saturday Night Live” and Nordstrom. But he’s afraid to condemn despots like Putin or the Nazis who attacked American citizens in Charlottesville. Why? I think we know the answer.

By now you’ve probably seen the shocking video of the organizer of the Unite the Right gathering, Jason Kessler, being chased away by anti-fascist protesters and others still hurting from Saturday’s tragedies. Knowing that our president, in addition to being a pawn of the Kremlin and a profound embarrassment to the nation, also happens to be a sympathizer with Nazis and white supremacists, it’s past time that we make some hard choices as citizens.

Do we collectively demand the swift resignation or impeachment of the president for his trespasses, or do we continue to endure this tyrant through the next election, even though Trump’s accomplices in Moscow might well seek to skew the election in his favor again? Do we continue to tolerate Trump and his team of racist advisers and the actions of the pathetic young men they’re animating? If after only 207 days, neo-Nazis are so empowered by a sympathetic president to commit murders as they did on Saturday, what will America look like 207 days from now? What will America look like after Trump appoints more top officials while “deconstructing the administrative state” and dealing in unnecessary nuclear brinksmanship? Let us choose not to find out.

We’ve endured incompetent presidents before. We’ve endured criminals in the Oval Office before. But we’ve never had both a Nazi appeaser and an Russian puppet in the White House before. Now we’re beginning to see the real and fatal consequences of allowing a terrifyingly incompetent villain to ascend to this station, and matters can absolutely get worse. There’s no silver lining here, just a raw and mandatory urgency for Donald Trump to be legally ejected from his intolerable stewardship of the American presidency.

. . . Bob Cesca, Salon

T-Rump is losing the support of major corporate CEOs — third one leaves his phony council

The CEO of Intel on Monday announced his resignation from President Trump’s American Manufacturing Council, becoming the third executive to do so since the violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.

“I resigned to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues, including the serious need to address the decline of American manufacturing,” CEO Brian Krzanich wrote in a blog post.

“I have already made clear my abhorrence at the recent hate-spawned violence in Charlottesville, and earlier today I called on all leaders to condemn the white supremacists and their ilk who marched and committed violence.”

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/finance/346569-intel-ceo-third-exec-to-leave-trump-council-after-charlottesville

Previously, the CEOs of Merck and UnderArmour left T-Rump’s “council” in response to his support of Nazis and white supremacists.

T-Rump’s approval rating slightly higher than Nixon’s before he resigned


President Donald Trump’s approval rating reached a new low Sunday amid condemnation for his initial reaction to the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in one person dead.

The Republican president’s job approval rating hit 34 percent Sunday compared with a 61 percent disapproval rating that put Trump in an unenviable historical class, according to Gallup’s most recent numbers

(further down in article)..

The historical significance, as well as many comparisons between the Trump-Russia and Watergate scandals, has put Trump only 10 points ahead of former President Richard Nixon’s personal all-time low approval rating. Nixon plummeted to 24 percent approval before he resigned from office in August 1974..