What a shame!! Trump’s feelings are hurt, he blames it on Obama!!

No doubt about it.  The so-called president is a petulant child with the emotional maturity of a sixth grader.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail: 

Donald Trump erupted into a ‘ballistic’ Oval Office tirade against his senior staff for failing to fight off Sessions’ recusal amid Russia links and told Priebus and Bannon they weren’t flying on Air Force One to Florida, before storming out, reports have claimed. 

The president was seemingly expecting a celebratory week following his praised speech to Congress on Tuesday but after a fresh round of Russia allegations, Trump was furious over the ‘mini disaster’ according to multiple accounts. 

He was allegedly especially upset over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from all FBI investigations regarding Russia on Thursday and took it out on his senior staff the next day. 

In his ‘ballistic’ rant, Trump gave his aides a verbal lashing and told chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Stephen Bannon they wouldn’t be accompanying him on Air Force One to Florida, before storming out on Friday. 

In less than 24 hours after his blow out with staff, Trump released a series of tweets that accused Obama of authorizing a wiretapping on Trump Tower right before the election and called it ‘McCarthyism’. 

Trump gets his feeling hurt, raises hell with his staff, then storms out, jumps on Air Force One, flies to Mar-A-Largo AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, to play golf all weekend.

Another Russian connected to Trump has died . . . this is #8 !!!

Alex Oronov, organizer of Russia-Ukraine blackmail plan sent to Donald Trump, dies suspiciously

Yet another key figure in the Trump-Russia scandal has suddenly dropped dead. A meeting was organized between Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, Russian mafia figure Felix Sater, and Ukrainian traitor Andrii Artemenko. They crafted a Kremlin-backed plan which involved Trump using Russian blackmail to oust the president of the Ukraine. That plan was delivered to Michael Flynn’s just before he resigned. The meeting was organized by Alex Oronov – and now he’s dead.

Alex Oronov was the father in law of Michael Cohen’s brother, making them extended family.

Oronov did business in the Ukraine and was connected to Artemenko. It was Artemenko who angrily announced today in an extended Russian-language rant on his Facebook page that Oronov has died. And while he doesn’t say specifically how Oronov died, he directly blames the New York Times article which first exposed the secret plan for causing his death. In other words, he’s vaguely suggesting that Oronov was murdered (perhaps by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin) as a result of having been publicly exposed.

Talking Points Memo has more details on the death of Alex Oronov, who died two days ago. This makes him at least the fourth Trump-Russia conspirator to die during the scandal. In all, seven prominent Russian operatives have died since the scandal began. Palmer Report has been documenting a running list.

Sergei Krivov died at the Russian consulate in New York on election day with his skull bashed in. Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB agent who contributed intel to the Trump-Russia dossier, was found dead in the back of a car. Sergei Mikhailov, another Russian intel agent, was dragged out of a meeting with a bag on his head.


**** See our full list of Russian operatives who have died during the Trump-Russia scandal for the full rundown.