The Russian Connection

Donald Trump is deeply in debt to Russia.  As of this date — March 4, 2017 — the evidence is overwhelming.  The short version is this:

  • Trump’s business requires a constant infusion of cash because he is a failed executive who does not know how to manage money, and, he is accustomed to the lifestyle of a very wealthy person.
  • Because of his many failed enterprises and bankruptcies, American banks and most European banks will not lend him money — because they know he is not reliable and, when things fall apart, he will leave the bank holding an empty bag.
  • Because he needs lots of money, and because he can’t get it anywhere else, he has turned to sources of money that originate in Russia — the Russian mob and Russian investors, all controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Putin is a skilled and experienced intelligence officer, the former head of the KGB.  He knows how to recruit and manipulate people.
  • Trump is an egotistical, narcissistic loud-mouthed bully who desperately needs admiration.
  • Putin — through various Russians and third-country nationals — gives Trump the admiration and adulation he seeks, thereby controlling Trump just as Putin would control any other individual he is manipulating.

Read details at these pages.  I will add more as time goes on and as the truth about Trump’s ties to Russia emerges.

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Trump is deeply in debt to the Russian mob; the value of his liquid assets is not enough to cover his debts.

More to follow