Are you Trumpistas tired of winning yet??

Are you Trumpistas tired of winning??? I mean, it’s been nothing but one win after another for the past year . . . right?

Meanwhile, there’s this for the Pennsyilvania- WV border:

President Donald Trump may have ended the non-existent “war on coal,” but that doesn’t seem to have changed the fortunes of the coal-mining industry as a whole.

Local news station WTVA reports that 370 coal miners are expected to be unemployed after a coal mine located in Greene County, Pennsylvania closes for good this year. The mine closing will all but wipe out any gains made in coal mining employment since Trump’s election — because — the entire US coal industry has added just 500 jobs over the last year.

Blair Zimmerman, a retired coal miner who now serves as Greene County’s chairman of county commissioners, tells WTVA that the mine closing will be a major blow for the entire area.

“Layoffs are bad, but when it comes to shutting down a mine, that’s as bad
as it gets,” he said.

And in Indiana —

Carrier announced earlier this week that 215 workers would be laid off at
its Indianapolis plant on Thursday. The announcement came a year after Trump claimed he had saved over 2,000 jobs by threatening to “tax the hell” out of the company if it moved the plant to Mexico. In the end, then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) promised Carrier $7 million in tax incentives to stay in the U.S.

Of the 2,000 jobs for which Pence paid $7 million and which Trump announced he had saved, all but about 350 have gone to Mexico. This layoff of 215 will just about clean out the operation, leaving close to ZERO jobs.

Goddam but I am tired of winning!!!! How about you Trumpsters?