Fat Donny’s gang is ratting him out . . . Godfather Donald is surrounded . . .

Now that former Trump campaign manger Paul Manafort has turned federal witness against Trump, it’s clear that Fat Donny’s criminal gang is turning against him.  About the only people still loyal to Godfather Don are his children . . . and he’d better keep an eye on them.

Paul Manafort flipped on Fat Don. That’s right, Fat Donny got flipped on by his former consigliere.

Other members of the Trump Crime Family who have flipped on Godfather Fat Donny are:

  • Consigliere Michael Cohen
  • Publicist David Pecker
  • Accountant Allen Weisselberg (remember — they got Al Capone when they got his bookkeeper)
  • Michael Flynn, Richard Gates and George Papadopoulos – all capos in the Trump Mafia have turned rat  — along with Alex van der Zwaan, an attorney,

Is there anyone who won’t rat him out?

Rumors from the White House say Trump only gropes Melania to see if she’s wearing a wire.