For years, GOP told us deficits are bad, bad, bad. Now, their annual deficit will hit $1 TRILLION two years before scheduled.

The Republican Party has railed against deficits and spending for decades and GOP presidents and Congressional leaders have worked to cut spending. When given the bank, however, President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress have delivered spending that will usher the U.S. into a $1 trillion deficit two years before expected.

According to an Axios report, the Congressional Budget Office numbers revealed the deficit exploded by $222 billion in just one year.

The Republican tax bill is the culprit, increasing spending by 7 percent while incoming revenue is only at 1 percent.

“The CBO now says the deficit will approach $1 trillion by the end of this fiscal year, but in April the agency didn’t expect the deficit to reach $1 trillion until 2020,” Axios reported.

The Republican Congress announced this week that they want to pass part two of their tax plan. The preliminary estimations show that alone will skyrocket the deficit to $2 trillion.

For eight years under President Obama, Republicans railed against annual budget deficits, accusing Democrats of driving up deficits.

Now, however, Republicans have decided deficit spending is not only acceptable, they’re ready to balloon deficits more dramatically than any Democrat ever did.