Four US Special Forces soldiers killed in Niger . . . Trump ignores them, attacks NFL

It was two days after America was still coming to grips with the carnage that was displayed in Las Vegas after a madman holed himself up in a 32nd floor hotel suite of the Mandalay Bay casino and resort. Where the killer, Stephen Paddock constructed some sort of makeshift machine gun nest overlooking a country music festival then smashed two windows and rained down a hail of gunfire on unsuspecting concert-goers killing 58 and maiming upwards of 540.

A stunned America had no idea that a small group of U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets along with their Nigerien counterparts were coming back from a mission in the southwestern region of Niger on that Wednesday when they were ambushed by an enemy force of 50 or more from what is a new wing of the Islamic State called The Islamic State in Greater Sahara (ISIS-GS). The joint Green Beret team was met with withering machine gun and small-arms fire and immediately began to take casualties. Nigeriens took what was reported to SOFREP as heavy casualties and in the midst of all the chaos and were reported to have fled from the ambush leaving the Green Berets alone to fight off the attack.



Meanwhile, Trump and VP Pence stage a phony incident in which Pence goes to an NFL game, some players take a knee during the national anthem, Pence walks out — all pre-planned and phony.