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Omarosa says she was offered $15K per month as hush money.

Former Donald Trump confidante Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered $15,000 a month from the president’s campaign to “stay silent” after being fired from the White House, The Washington Post reported Friday.

 The offer was refused because of a nondisclosure agreement that would silence Manigualt Newman from commenting about Trump and his family.


Trump’s former bodyguard is getting $15K per month to be quiet

Friday’s bombshell report that former top staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered $15,000 a month from the President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign to “stay silent” after being fired from the White House was flagged by two top political reporters for a fascinating coincidence.

 Staff writer at The Atlantic and MSNBC contributor Natasha Bertrand and Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake both noted another former White House staffer making the exact same amount as the alleged hush money offer.
North Korea tells the Dotard his offers are “gangster-like”

Washington (CNN)The US has made repeated proposals to North Korea on denuclearization, all of which have been rejected, according to senior diplomatic sources.

The United States has made, and continues to make, “specific proposals for starting and proceeding to the end point of fully verified denuclearization,” including a timeline, these sources say.
North Korea has rejected all of these proposals, considering them “gangster-like,” one of the sources said.
The impasse has brought the rocket-like trajectory of Trump administration diplomacy with North Korea down to earth and the more typical grind of talks with Pyongyang that have stymied prior administrations.
The vague promises that emerged from President Donald Trump’s June summit with leader Kim Jong Un have led to a diplomatic disconnect. The brief document produced after the leaders met included no time frame, no specific promises or milestones to meet, allowing both sides to interpret it as they wished.
Melania’s parents sworn in as US citizens . . . they took advantage of “chain migration” that Trump wants to end

President Trump has repeatedly and vehemently denounced what he calls “chain migration,” in which adult American citizens can obtain residency for their relatives.

On Thursday, his Slovenian in-laws, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, became United States citizens in a private ceremony in Manhattan by taking advantage of that same family-based immigration program.

Asked if the Knavses had obtained citizenship through “chain migration,” their lawyer, Michael Wildes, said, “I suppose.” He said chain migration is a “dirtier” way of characterizing what he called “a bedrock of our immigration process when it comes to family reunification.”

Melania Trump had sponsored her parents for their green cards, Mr. Wildes said in describing the process by which the Knavses had become United States citizens. “Once they had the green card, they then applied for citizenship when they were eligible,” he said.