The Republican Party is dead . . . and Donald Trump killed it.

It is now 0500 EST, Nov 7, 2018.  Mid-term elections are over with a few results still trickling in.

Republicans will try to paint the mid-term elections as a victory for Donald Trump.  Don’t believe them.  The Nov 6, 2018 elections are the beginning of the end for the Republican Party.

As of now:

  • Democrats won 9 million more votes nationwide than Republicans.  This is a substantial increase of Hillary Clinton’s popular vote margin in which she defeated Trump by 3 million votes.
  • Democrats now control the House of Representatives by 222-199 with a few seats still undecided.
  • Yes, Republicans  maintained control of the Senate — however, they had to defend only a few seats.
  • Democrats picked up several governorships.
  • Republicans who should have won easily — for example, Kemp in Georgia and Cruz in Texas — just barely squeaked by.

Republicans can — and will — paint Nov 6 as a victory.  Don’t believe them.  They got their asses kicked.

Meanwhile, 2020 will wipe out the GOP.  Consider:

  • In 2020, Republicans must defend 22 Senate seats, Democrats only 11.
  • Within the next few months, Mueller will release the results of his investigation.  The entire Trump enterprise will be exposed for the criminal mob that it is.  The Trumpsters will continue to shriek and applaud at his rallies while the rest of the nation will recognize him for the crook that he is.
  • House Democrats will start serious investigations into Trump’s finances; Trump’s financial ties to Russia and the Russian mob; the Trump family’s finances and business dealings; the entire corrupt Trump administration.  The result will be resignations, indictments, likely some prison time.
  • Trump will continue to roam the country, speaking to dwindling crowds in their red MAGA hats.  He will continue to rant about caravans and border walls while the rest of us deal with health care, infrastructure, and other serious matters.
  • Trump likely will face a challenge for the 2020 GOP presidential nomination.  No matter who heads the GOP ticket in 2020, they will lose big time.
  • The nation’s demographics are against the GOP — old, white people are dying; young, non-white people are not interested in hate and fear.

The Republican Party is dead and Donald Trump killed it.