This man is sick

On Thursday, Jan 10, 2018, Trump held a phony, staged “policy planning session” at the White House.  Several Republican and Democratic members of Congress sat down with the President to discuss immigration policy.

The press was permitted to stay in the room and record the entire meeting.

On Jan 11, 2018, Trump got up in front of an audience and claimed that every reporter in the room sent him “letters” thanking him for inviting them into the meeting.

HE LIED.  Every single reporter in the room has denied having sent a letter, a tweet, a text, or any other communication to the President, thanking him for the meeting.

Trump’s twisted, sick brain is responsible for this lie.  All he cares about is praise and adulation for his own twisted self.  He seeks praise so much that he’s willing to lie.

Trump is sick, evil, obscene, ignorant, and twisted.