Trump, his family and associates should be afraid — VERY afraid

The sentencing documents for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn have been heavily redacted, enough so that exactly what Flynn shared with Special Counsel Robert Mueller can be difficult to deduce. But while people have parsed every word of the rather cryptic remains in an effort to peer behind all that black ink, there are some words at the very bottom that many overlooked — the signatures:  Brandon L. Van Grack, and, Zainab N. Ahmad.




Brandon Van Grack is a prosecutor specializing in national security. He has a background in counter-espionage (read: cases involving spying on U.S. entities). His highest profile case: prosecuting a hacker who aided ISIS.

Zainab Ahmad is also a prosecutor with expertise in international and extranational cases (i.e. crimes abroad). She is an absolute badass with a long track record of bringing terrorists to justice.

These are the people who were working on Flynn.  They were not working on Flynn because they are his friends.  The Trump gang needs to be afraid — very, very afraid.