Trump is NOT a moron. He’s an IDIOT!!

Donald Trump has his knickers in a twist over Rex Tillerson’s calling him a “fucking moron.”  But I think Tillerson actually paid Trump a great compliment and Trump just doesn’t realize it.

Recall that a “moron” has an IQ between 51 and 70.  The IQ of an “imbecile” runs between 26 and 50.  An “idiot’s” IQ is 25 or below.  The intensifier “fucking” suggests an IQ that’s relatively low within its range.

Also recall that IQ is defined as Mental Age / Chronological Age X 100.  Thus, a 12-year-old with a Mental Age of 12 has a 100 IQ.

Donald Trump’s Chronological Age is 71 years.  But his Mental Age is clearly no higher than 11 years.  That gives him an IQ of (11 / 71 X 100) = 15.5.  He is solidly within the “idiot” range.

For Trump to qualify as a “fucking moron,” he would have to have a Mental Age of at least 37 years.  But Trump has not shown himself to be that mature since he was, well, probably 37.  Maybe it’s no accident that the Founders set 35 as the minimum age to be president.

So Tillerson, while he was maybe trying to be complimentary, was wrong.  Donald Trump is not a “fucking moron”; he is a “fucking idiot.”

Of course, there is always the Dunning-Krueger effect, where the subject is too stupid to understand how stupid he is.  That could apply to anyone with an IQ below 70.  It definitely applies to Trump and many of his supporters.