Was that a “Nobel Prize,” or a “No Bail Surprise?”

On Tuesday, representatives of North Korea threatened to pull out of the upcoming summit with Donald Trump.  North Korea balked over concerns about ongoing US–South Korea military maneuvers, US insistence on North Korea surrendering nuclear weapons, and, in general , the kind of threatening language that implied that failure to give the US what it wanted would result in an immediate attack. In short: Everything Donald Trump has been saying.

Kim Jong-un also seemed a bit miffed that the ever-reasonable John Bolton suggested that the model for negotiating with Kim should be Libya. By which Bolton apparently meant Kim should agree to putting all his bombs in a box and sign them over. Just like Libya did … except for the fact that Libya never had any nuclear bombs. Kim might have also had that little incident in mind where the US conducted air strikes against Libya in a concerted effort to kill the country’s leader. That might not endear him to the analogy.

In response to Kim’s threatened pull out, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump would be “just fine.” Really. Don’t worry. Fine.

It’s not as if every single person who ever had to deal with North Korea in the past warned Trump that something along these lines was likely. Or Trump just got through poo-poohing those concerns with a statement that Kim is “honorable.” Or that Trump already buckled to China over breaking sanctions to save ZTE just so his chocolate cake buddy Xi would make this all go well. Trump has this under control.

Trump responds to NKorea threat to cancel Kim Jong Un summit, says he will still insist on denuclearization.

Sure. That’ll do it. Someone contact the Nobel Committee.

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